I started playing Fantasy Football this year and I don’t really know exactly what I’m doing. I’m learning, I understand for the most part what’s going on. I drafted players that I know: Eddie Lacy, Jay Cutler, RGIII, but I’ll be honest, if it weren’t for the simplified drafting system on the ESPN Fantasy Football site that ranks players from best to worst, I would have had no idea who to choose once the players I knew were gone. But I’m learning, and I want to learn. I know a few girls that play Fantasy Football and are really good at it, so I’m planning to figure this whole fantasy league thing out, kick everyone’s tush that I’m lined up to play, and dominate the league becoming the league champion! Easy.

When I started writing this, I decided I needed a clever photo to post along with my foray into Fantasy Football. Something feminine and fierce, of course with a football element. Let me tell you, those kind of photos? They don’t exist. I mean, yeah, I have a photo of Beyoncé with a football- if you asked anyone on Earth to show you a photo that best represents the words “fierce, feminine, and football” they will show you this picture. I promise. That’s the picture that best defines those words. But anyway, before I found Beyoncé with Football, I searched “fantasy football girl”. That search yielded results of scantily clad women holding footballs that strategically covered their bathing suit areas. Then I just searched “football girl” and that was not at all better. Some of the photos are funny, to me. One in particular was of a woman using her chest, revealing a lot of underboob, to hit a soccer ball, which is hilarious because it’s just a moment frozen before she experiences serious pain. She’s clearly not wearing a bra and she’s about to chest bump a soccer ball. That’s dumb! Judging by the google results for “Fantasy Football Girl”, we’re still living in a world where the idea of women liking sports is unfathomable. Women like sports! I love baseball; I understand it. I like football; I’m learning to understand it. I’m not standing around eating a big, fat, juicy burger in a skimpy little- oh oops! the burger juice just dripped onto my top, I guess I should take it off right here and now. No. Why do we continue to perpetuate this stereotype? Do we think it makes us aloof and therefore attractive to men? If you believe a man is only going to be attracted to you if you accept and become the hackneyed idea of this submissive, vapid woman, there is a problem. We as women don’t need to be afraid of being educated and successful. I don’t know what world everyone else is living in, but I want to be more than just a cliché.

what are your thoughts?

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