Choosing a blog name is incredibly difficult. It’s like a tattoo. Once you choose one, you’re stuck with it forever, unless you pay a lump sum to remove it (buy a domain name). I’m very hesitant to purchase a domain name. I’ve started a number of blogs in my life and I always find a way of abandoning them. Putting money on it may discourage my knack for abandonment, but meh. I have a feeling this one will stick, though, because I have a lot of thoughts now concerning loads of things, like art, film, television, fashion, life, people, feminism, human rights, etc. etc. etc. Thoughts abound!


As for the choice of Pink Hands, well, I lost count of how many names I attempted to choose for my blog. There were plenty I wanted that were all taken. One of the most frustrating things in our day and age is thinking of the most perfect username and then having that little notification pop up alerting you that the username you have chosen is already someone else’s username. Tonight, I, being uncharacteristically masochistic, decided to go to the blogs who had my preferred usernames just to see how recently they had posted. Most of their latest posts dated around ’06-’07, so that was just totally infuriating. What a unique feeling of heartache that is. I wish there was a way to contact those people and get them to surrender their URLs to me. “Hey,, you selfish turd of a person, give me your URL that you haven’t used in NINE YEARS”. Knuckles is my favorite word, so I thought that would be a sturdy, simple blog name. The actual belongs to “Knuckles Malone”. Knuckles Malone hasn’t even posted an official post. It’s just the post that automatically appears when you register a blog. Since knuckles (and a plethora of others) was taken, I decided on two random words. Pink Hands. And that’s that. So we’ll see where this adventure takes me. Hopefully somewhere worthwhile. I’d hate to just scream (type) into the abyss (the internet) and have nothing worthwhile come to fruition.

EDIT: Well hey, how ’bout that. It’s not too difficult to change your blog name, after all! I made the mistake of not checking Urban Dictionary to make sure “pink hands” wasn’t a euphemism of some sort. It wasn’t, but pink glove is, and jeepers, that isn’t really something I want to allude to. So, I am now Ugly Pretty People, which is infinitely more fitting and way more interesting. I guess I’ll have to make a new blog logo!

what are your thoughts?

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