Today, I pre-ordered a signed copy of Lena Dunham’s upcoming book, Not That Kind of Girl. I am so stinkin’ excited about it, and the fact that it’s SIGNED BY ONE OF MY IDOLS is just insane. I can’t wait to read it. I’m a huge fan of Lena. I saw Tiny Furniture in 2010 and fell in love with her and how full of moxie she is. She’s only 28 and she’s written and directed a feature film that was accepted into the Criterion Collection, written and directed a hugely successful (and excellent) show for HBO, and now she’s written a book that she was paid $3.7 million dollars for. She’s successful, she’s funny, she’s relatable, and she’s a hilarious role model for twenty-somethings everywhere. Her book will be a source of inspiration and a signal that we can have it all. Women in positions of power and success are starting to write more memoirs, and I want to take this time to discuss some memoirs and other non-fiction inspirational books by women that I love, and some that I’m excited to read.

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It’s a dreary Monday here in Alabama, and I needed a pick me up this morning in order to feel like it was even remotely possible to make it through this gloomy day. So, here’s a little playlist that will hopefully set you on the right foot this morning! Click through to listen via Spotify.

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I started playing Fantasy Football this year and I don’t really know exactly what I’m doing. I’m learning, I understand for the most part what’s going on. I drafted players that I know: Eddie Lacy, Jay Cutler, RGIII, but I’ll be honest, if it weren’t for the simplified drafting system on the ESPN Fantasy Football site that ranks players from best to worst, I would have had no idea who to choose once the players I knew were gone. But I’m learning, and I want to learn. I know a few girls that play Fantasy Football and are really good at it, so I’m planning to figure this whole fantasy league thing out, kick everyone’s tush that I’m lined up to play, and dominate the league becoming the league champion! Easy.

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