There’s a thing in the “blogosphere” called the One Lovely Blog Award, and a great human person, Joseph¬†nominated me for it. I’m honored, and honestly just surprised that someone likes the words I type enough to make a post talking about it. So thanks, Joseph, you’re too kind and I’m so flattered that you like my blog!

There are some rules that come with this award, and those are that I have to nominate 15 other bloggers that I follow and I have to state seven facts about myself. However, I could not come up with 15 blogs, so I went with a rounded 10. And, since I only posted 10 blogs, I decided to only post 5 facts. So. Let’s get to it, shall we?


1. I broke my back in August of 2010. It involved a grappling hook and a 12 foot tall sloped wall. One day, maybe, I’ll tell y’all about it ūüėČ

2. Unlike a lot of people I know, I have very fond memories of high school, including being captain of the danceline and a part of the musical theatre program.

3. My lucky number is 3.

4. I have a very profound interest in the darker side of psychology. I realize some may think it crazy, but I find things that are so completely foreign to me to be some of the most interesting, albeit terrifying and horrendous, things in the world.

5.¬†I have been with my boyfriend for three and a half years and I love him more everyday. He introduced me to Lost, among many other superb shows and movies, and has really helped me develop better taste and opinions concerning film, music, television, and literature. He’s pretty okay, I guess. ūüôā


Joseph Mwamba
My nominator, the ridiculously sweet Joseph Mwamba, writes a blog about television, and we all know how much I like television. Reading his reviews are like reading thoughts that come from my own mind. He’s excellent, and did I mention that he’s so kind??

Lillian & Dot
My friend Hanna, whom I know ~irl~ is absolutely adorable, fashionable, and knowledgeable. Her blog, Lillian and Dot, is what made me decide to start blogging again.

Darling Chay
I’ve recently been corresponding with Chay of Darling Chay through comments on our respective blogs. She is so sweet and so encouraging. Her blog is tremendous, as well.

One of my favorite media review sites. Dave reviews films old and new, and I know if I ever need a suggestion for what film to watch, I’ll find a plethora of options at ccpopculture.

The Belle Jar
This feminist blog is spectacular and full of brilliant reads for men and women who support equality of the sexes.

Scene A Lot Of Films
Another great film blog! It’s a writing portfolio for the author, Rachel, but it doesn’t read like a student writing research papers (the nice way of saying “it isn’t boring”). It’s entertaining and witty.

JayJayne is a blog of DIYs, fashion, beauty, and miscellany that I absolutely adore.

Bullsh!t Wiki
A sometimes dark and highly engaging blog full of information from any and everyone.

Angry Pear
I love these comics. Look at these comics. You’ll love them, too.

The Honking Goose
I just recently followed The Honking Goose, but I quickly understood that the blog was funny, and full of very blatant opinions that are compelling to read.



Making : puppets with the kids I work with on Mondays

Drinking : less coke. Starting today.

Reading :¬†Everything Is Perfect When You’re a Liar¬†by Kelly Oxford, human woman extraordinaire.

Wanting : All of the fall clothes from Anthropologie

Playing : Carly Simon’s “Nobody Does It Better” on repeat… still, after months of listening.

Wishing : It was sweater weather.

Enjoying : The moments leading up to Halloween!

Waiting : impatiently for Gone Girl¬†this Friday! I’m so excited I can hardly stand it. David Fincher is one of my favorite directors and the book blew me away.

Liking : Riffsy, the GIF keyboard for iPhone… it’s the best way to really communicate reactions. Way better than emojis!

Loving :¬†Buffy the Vampire Slayer, which I just started watching last week and am already on season 3 of… jeepers, I have a serious binge-watching problem.

Watching : well,¬†Buffy, obviously, but I just saw¬†An Officer and a Gentleman¬†for the first time yesterday and it’s so good. Debra Winger is the best!

Needing : to re-paint my toenails.

Smelling : nothing. I’m so congested I can’t smell or even taste anything.

Wearing : this, the most comfortable v-neck of all time (in lavender)

Thinking : about¬†Buffy, honestly. I’m going to watch it as soon as I finish this post.

Admiring : my mother, because she is cooking me food right now and I’m completely starved.

Buying : way too many movies this weekend…¬†The Big Sleep, Hannah and Her Sisters, The Last Picture Show… I’m a sucker for a movie sale.

Getting : anxious for American Horror Story: Freakshow.

Disliking : my hair. It’s still short and I figured it would have grown out by now! It’s been three months!

Feeling : very hungry, at the moment.

Coveting : this fab coat from NastyGal

Wishing : I had my own house and an endless supply of money to decorate it with.

Hearing : nothing but my fan that’s blowing, and the sound of Netflix calling me back to watch¬†Buffy.


Screen Shot 2014-09-10 at 12.03.57 AM

Making : a wedding program & a huge mess of my closet.

Cooking : tomato sandwiches. Does that count? For whatever reason, family friends always send us tomatoes. We have bag fulls in the kitchen & laundry room. I’m not complaining, just spittin’ the facts.

Drinking : Piper & Leaf Pink Mar-Tea-Ni. Sweetened and iced.

Reading : The King in Yellow by Robert W. Chambers. Trying to subdue the True Detective withdrawals, of course

Wanting : Oh goodness, so many things. I’ve started my Christmas wish-list already! But let’s see… anything from Amy Sedaris’s I Like You collection, a Simplified Planner, and¬†these collar clips.

Looking : forward to kicking my boyfriend’s toosh in Fantasy Football this coming week. We’re matched up against each other, and the claws are out.¬†

Playing : Donald Glover’s insane freestyle.

Wasting : as little as I can, or trying to. To quote one of the kids I keep at daycare, “We’ve gotta protect the Earth! It’s all we got!”

Wishing : my wants didn’t make me sound so materialistic.

Enjoying : blogging.

Waiting : for the weather to get cooler. I’m so tired of 80 degrees with high humidity.¬†

Liking : this, my most favorite, episode of This American Life. 

Wondering : if people are enjoying my blog, but telling myself, in the wise words of Tina Fey, “Do your thing and don’t care if they like it.”

Loving : compliments from a person you consider successful and intelligent. 

Hoping : I can move in with my college roommate in October.

Marvelling : at¬†Kate Spade’s Spring 2015 collection.

Needing : a haircut.

Smelling : Capri Blue from Anthropologie (coming from this gorgeous opalescent constellation holder).

Wearing : this headscarf.

Following : updates on social media from my favorite shows that are returning in the fall. Parenthood, The Mindy Project, New Girl, Nashville, American Horror Story, Parks and Rec, Girls, Glee, Portlandia, SNL, Veep, and Scandal, I’m looking at you!

Noticing : that I’ve had “Appointment- 10:30!” written in dry erase marker on my mirror for entirely too long.

Knowing : that my friend Rachel will be back from Germany in less than a month, but wishing it was sooner!

Thinking : that my back hurts.

Bookmarking : this, to read later. 

Opening : in a matter of days, the signed Marc Johns print I ordered (it shipped out today!).

Giggling : when a man walked into the coffee shop today and the first thing he said to the barista was, “Did you know that at one point in history, Michael Jackson was making more money than Elvis Presley? Can you believe that? Elvis Presley! Ha! I’ll take a coffee with chocolate.”¬†

Feeling : wide awake.


The Blogmopolitan Quiz

Two Thirds Hazel, one of my favorite blogs, posts these really fun Cosmopolitan-style surveys every few months, and I figured since I have my own blog now, I’d post my responses to her quiz!¬†I hope you all don’t have any trouble reading it (you’ll have to click on the image to enlarge it, sorry about that!). You can download this Blogmopolitan Quiz here, and you should! Post yours with your answers to your blog and leave a link in the comments. I would just¬†love¬†to read them all!